A new nature

Machines + nature. They will blow your mind. Have a look at the objects above. They show a world that’s coming which we don’t quite recognise, or entirely understand. As it evolves from left to right, it looks more like an alien artefact but is also strangely...

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Investing in founders

What does that mean? At Main Sequence Ventures we say we back deep-tech founders inventing tomorrow. Why is this important? A startup operates under conditions of extreme entropy. Unless effort is applied, the natural path of the business will be return to a state of...

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All the extraordinary people

Have you seen those beautiful casts of an ant nest? All we see on the surface is a small mound with some holes in. But once you start exploring, well, you enter another world that is vast and spectacular. Photo by Charles F. Badland, with permission from Walter R....

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