I am very honored to have been chosen as a team member at Main Sequence Ventures, the CSIRO Innovation Fund.

CSIRO is a government research organisation in Australia that has nearly 100 years of scientific and commercial research behind it and was recently chosen by the Australian government to be the custodian of this VC fund. This Fund is unique in that it comprises both money from the federal government, CSIRO and soon to be raised private funding. A unique meld of capital that will be put to work investing in early stage companies with both deep tech and public research connections.

Working at Main Sequence Ventures is the culmination of a career that has been involved in nurturing new ideas and trying to make sense of this increasingly complicated technology world that we are now bravely trying to navigate.

This journey at Main Sequence will be a 10 year one (typical fund life cycle) and it makes me think of the world 10 years ago and could we have envisioned some of the dramatic changes that we now take for granted. Ten years ago Apple released the first iPhone, and while there was nothing groundbreaking in the technology (touch screens, GPS, mobile OS’s had already been available in 2007) it was the unique way that it was put together in a product that made these individual technologies greater that their parts. The iPhone was a product that was useful and ultimately become essential in daily life for all people, indeed today you cannot fully participate in our society without a smart phone at your side.

At Main Sequence Ventures we are on the lookout for the next set of technologies often coming out of research organisations that will be the foundation of new products that will be just as ground breaking as the iPhone was in 2007.

I am excited about what the next 10 years will bring and look forward to learning from and working with some of brightest scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs that will join us on our Main Sequence Ventures journey.