What does that mean?

At Main Sequence Ventures we say we back deep-tech founders inventing tomorrow.

Why is this important?

A startup operates under conditions of extreme entropy. Unless effort is applied, the natural path of the business will be return to a state of not existing. It is founders that stop this happening. Not investors, not employees, not boards. Founders.

For me, a founder:

  • Has an unreasonable belief that the business they imagine can materialise.
  • Was there at the start. They are a part of the origin story. Somehow they are personally entangled with the company they are building.
  • Has lots of equity in the company so that they stay focused when all they want to do is give up. There should still be enough to motivate them after a few rounds of investment.
  • Is taking some kind of risk to make this company happen.
  • Can decide. Does not need to ask permission.

As our fund comes to life, I plan to think-out-loud.
I reserve the right to change my mind as I learn new things. 🙂