The MSEQ mission

We are company builders and value creators with a mission to transform inspiring Australian research into epic global companies.

Main Sequence is Australia’s deep tech investment fund founded by CSIRO. It works closely with scientists, researchers and industry collaborators to create, fund and accelerate new companies and industries that aim to solve the world’s biggest challenges in health, food, space, transport, security and decarbonisation.

We will invest in companies translating research into global-scale businesses. We know that this takes more than money. We work harder to understand the world that these founders imagine. We are as comfortable in the lab as we are on the front-line with customers. We will invest capital, and ourselves, to systematically reduce risk and increase opportunity by combining the operational velocity of startups with the deep curiosity of Australia’s research sector.

We believe the next great cohort of disruptive companies will come from those scientists, technologists and creative thinkers who are prepared to challenge the status quo.

Backing the best founders

We are prepared to back the best, most ambitious founders. We believe that mission driven founders are the key to building the best companies. It’s not necessary to have the ‘right experience’ to do this, but it is necessary to have the right vision and drive.

Backing your vision

We carefully analyse your company and how your solution best solves an acute market problem. We listen carefully, and are prepared to back you before it becomes evident your solution will prevail.

Support from seed through expansion financing

We are prepared to invest throughout your company’s life, from seed through to expansion. Our partners have invested with many of the top tier venture funds and will assist your fund-raising efforts along the way.

Access to the brain trust

We have our genesis in CSIRO and have access to a deep well of data scientists, physicists, synthetic biologists, chemists, astronomers and experts in other disciplines. Each member of the management team has been an entrepreneur and understands the difficulties of building a company. We are here to help.

Long term view

We take the long view and are in this for the duration. We believe that building an enduring company takes time and discipline. We are prepared to support you through this journey and assist with anything from the smallest detail to helping design the strategy. We become your world’s best assistant once we make an investment.

Networks and connections

We have strong networks of contacts, ranging from other venture investors to founders, to scientists, to executives. We can often connect you with the right critical hire, customer, or funding partner. We try to ensure you become part of the community of ambitious leaders building the future.

Wondering where our name came from?
In the universe, vast molecular clouds collapse under gravity, igniting to become new stars.

Stars with the perfect combination of mass and chemical composition sustainably burn for billions of years under nuclear fusion, these stars are on ‘the main sequence’ and so too are the best companies.