Q-Ctrl is accelerating the emergence of useful quantum computers with control software for an exponential new industry. More at q-ctrl.tech

Morse Micro

Morse Micro is developing next generation Wifi chips with massively increased range and decreased power consumption. Read our story: Morse Micro and Main Sequence Ventures. More at morsemicro.com 


FluroSat combines state-of-the-art remote sensing technology, crop agronomy and sophisticated data analysis to improve crop protection, reduce use of inputs and improve yields. More at Flurosat.com


Myriota’s satellite network connects IoT devices from anywhere on earth at a low cost and low power usage. Solving the Internet of Things Last 500km Problem.  More at Myriota.com


Intersective is helping the world learn as fast as it changes through a world class experiential learning platform. More at intersective.com

Maxwell Plus+

Maxwell Plus+ is inventing a future of health care that uses AI to empower clinicians and patients to manage health care proactively and preventatively. More at maxwellplus.com

Indee Labs

Indee Labs create hardware for gene delivery to unlock gene-modified cell therapy for the masses. More at indeelabs.com


Coviu allows clinicians and patients to connect and provide augmented treatment services over the internet. Coviu – A Wonderful Window into Healthcare. More at coviu.com