We are big nerds too, deeply curious, driven to solve fundamental problems, and with unshakeable conviction to help you
We love what we do. If we learn something new each week, we are delighted.  We believe in people above all else as the secret towards success. When a team shares the same values and ambitions, great things can happen. We suspect you feel the same.

The Main Sequence team has different skills. As well as VCs, we are founders and scientists with powerful networks to help you.

In common with each other, we have been working for years to transform research into companies and we are passionate about it.

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This is what we believe

First and foremost, we back the bold

We back great entrepreneurs with big ideas who want to disrupt the status quo and make a dent in the world. We love passionate, mission-driven founders who are forces of nature. We value entrepreneurs over everything else.

Experience is not necessary, but determination is

We value hunger and drive more than experience.

We want to see a new kind of possible

We seek the non-obvious and want to see how unique solutions will make things better and solve the hardest problems elegantly.

Highly scaleable, differentiated solutions

Every opportunity and solution we look at must have the ability to scale and be massively different or better.

Your solution must solve a severe, urgent need

Our focus is on solutions that are ready to be rolled out to customers/enterprises now and are beyond the science-experiment phase. Your customer’s pain has to be acute.

Relationships and alignment count

We like to meet founders early and build a relationship, long before we work together. We have to believe in you and you in us. We have to have an aligned vision and a set of common goals. We don’t want to waste our time and neither should you.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves

Before joining Main Sequence Ventures we have started, built and run companies ourselves. We have made many mistakes and understand what success looks like and how hard it is to create something from nothing. We are driven and focused, in the pursuit of making a real impact, just like you.

Honesty, integrity, transparency, diversity

Ethics and behaviour matter, a lot, as does diversity of thought. We aim to be direct and impeccable in our relationships. A quick ‘no’ is much better than a long ‘maybe’.

Invest long term and deliver results

We will choose to back those companies that solve hard problems, make big impacts, and may take a little longer. Our mission is to help our teams to build a long-term endurable company.

Have fun

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to make big improvements while having fun. Life’s too short for anything else.

Meet the team

Say hello on LinkedIn and be sure to introduce yourself and explain the awesome things you are doing. We’re thinking out loud on Medium and Twitter too. Join us.


Our pledge
Inclusion, openness and respect are fundamental to our core values. We recognise that engaging with a venture capital firm can be an intimidating process, and we want you to value and benefit from our interactions regardless of whether we fund your business. We are dedicated to providing an equitable and inclusive experience for everyone. If you experience any behaviour that you believe is different from this standard, please raise it as soon as possible.