Venture on Campus

Impact through venture capital for university research and innovation teams.

6 key modules to deliver venture mindset, skills and opportunity from world-leading VCs that is custom designed for research organisations.

Nova Residency

Venture internships for researchers to be a venture capitalist for a week and start thinking like an investor.

1 week of unrestricted access as a member of the Main Sequence team of globally recognised VCs.

Buddy with Main Sequence Partner. Assess real deals, meet research teams pitching ideas.

Lead the creation of a deal from scratch.


Monthly visits to campus for 1:1 meetups between Main Sequence VCs and research teams. Early “proto-pitching”.

Bi-monthly “Office Hours” on your campus for one-one-one coaching from MSEQ Partners.

Prototype pitch (“Proto-pitch”) ideas to VCs to form the idea into something that is venture-ready.

Advice on who to partner with across the innovation system if there are missing elements to an early business.


(“Ask Me Anything”) Access to a persistent Facebook group to ask VCs quick questions.

A dedicated Slack group for your university.

Ask VCs confidential questions at any time to get advice on what to do next.

Venture on Campus community channel to learn from other researchers looking at a leap into venture.

Venture Primers

Annual seminar days on campus, configuring research towards venture. Mindset, IP, pitching.

Designed curriculum that gives scientists the mindset and frameworks they need.

Qualify early stage research as candidates to become venture companies.

Venture on Campus community channel to learn from other researchers looking at a leap into venture.

Accelerator Support

If you have an accelerator program, we can support that, not overlap.

Consultation with your accelerator team.

Venture capital focused participation in your program.

Opportunity for accelerator teams to pitch directly and early to VCs.

Deal Creation

As well as supporting venture-style spin-outs, we can help your commercialise research through other startups.

Quick impact validation of research streams in commercial context.

Main Sequence Partners on the lookout as scouts for your university.